3 Excellent Digital Tools for Scripture Memory

I just got back from a fantastic weekend at Winter Retreat with the teens from my church. It was a wonderful weekend of worship, teaching, camaraderie, and fun. We studied Ephesians 6:10-20 – the armor of God. One of the things that challenged me was the importance of Scripture memory. I have been lazy in my Scripture memory and it is an area that I need to grow in this year. Over the years I have used several different tools to memorize Scripture, and I am resurrecting several of them to up the ante when it comes to wielding the sword! Hopefully they will help you too!

The idea for Fighter Verses began in a 3rd grade Sunday school classroom in 1976. God put it in the heart of Linda McIntire to arm her students with the Word of God. She encouraged them to memorize 120 verses which she called “Fighter Verses”. Linda shared her list with her sister Sally Michael who, along with her husband David, continued to add verses to the list as they nurtured the faith of their two daughters. It became the set of verses they hoped their children would commit to memory by the time they reached adulthood. David and Sally, co-founders of Children Desiring God, helped the list become a set of cards that provided convenience and encouragement for other individuals and families to make the discipline of Bible memory a habit.

In the fall of 1996, David and Sally Michael moved into full-time ministry at Bethlehem Baptist Church in Minneapolis and saw a vision for Fighter Verses to become a church-wide Bible memory challenge. In January 1997, John Piper encouraged the congregation to join the Bible memory challenge with his enthusiastic support and suggestions of additional verses. Partnering with Children Desiring God, the set of verses was developed into a five-year Bible-memory program with one verse or passage of Scripture to memorize each week along with a vision to encourage Bible memory in both families and in the wider church family.

The latest revision to the verses include the Fighter Verses, the Extended Memory Set and Foundation Verses, all centered on a vision for equipping believers to fight the fight of faith. Newer resources include the Fighter Verses Apps for both Android and iOS and The Fighter Verses Study.


The Verses Project is run by a group of friends: Joel Limpic (a worship pastor at Park Church in Denver, CO), Ryan Gikas (a worship pastor at Bridgeway Church in Oklahoma City, OK), and Chris Clark (a worship pastor at Redemption Church in Edmond, OK).Original songs by Charlie Hall, Robbie Seay, Brooks Ritter, Latifah Philips (Page CXVI), Loud Harp, and others.

It’s a really cool set up. Here is how it works:

Verses Project intends to make memorization and meditation sustainable, accessible, and even joyful. Every week, they pick a memory verse and post a song to help you hear and sing God’s Word; they post artwork to save on your mobile device, desktop, or for your wall so that you might not only hear it, but also constantly see it, be reminded of it, and treasure it; finally, they post a devotional blog to help you think on and engage with the text.

Here is an example of the beautiful artwork!


Verses App

I stumbled upon the verses app a few years ago and it remains my favorite mobile option. The blue circle on the outside shows how close you are to mastering the verse. Over time the inner circle, your health circle, will change if you do not revisit the verse and continue to prove that you still have it locked in your memory. Here is a cool video to run you through the basics.

What tools do you use? Share your ideas in the comments or on twitter @jvalenti

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