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As the Christian bookstore has slowly died, it has become more difficult for Christians to select biblically-sound resources for their personal growth. Sadly the authors that sell the most books and have big budgets are not always the one’s who present the gospel most clearly or offer advice and counsel that is in accordance with the teaching of the Bible. Our hope is that by reviewing books from top-tier Christian publishers and organizing them categorically, we will enable Christians to make educated choices concerning their reading for spiritual growth.

Joe Valenti

Joe is a husband, dad, worship leader, and pastor. Joe has B.A. from Baldwin-Wallace College and an M.A. in Theological Studies from Liberty University. He enjoys biography, historical fiction, theology, and biblical interpretation.
Twitter – @jvalenti

Linda Valenti

Linda is a wife, mom or two, and a teacher of regular and special education. She holds multiple degrees from Notre Dame College of Maryland and Marygrove College. When she is not teaching and being a mom, she enjoys gardening and time at the beach. Linda reads and reviews books relating to Christian parenting, biblical womanhood, and women in ministry.

Rachel Mowers

Rachel Mowers grew up reading books faster than her parents could buy them or take her to the library. The pulls of adult life may have slowed her pace a little, but she still loves to spend a day with a good book and a mug of coffee or tea. Rachel holds degrees from Summit University in both Communications and Theology.
She is involved in the children’s and youth ministries at Cuyahoga Valley Church, and works as a nanny for two young boys during the week. Rachel most enjoys reading books that push readers to interact with popular culture in a redemptive, thought provoking way, especially if that challenge comes in the form of a well-crafted story.
Twitter – @raemow

Alaina Stevens

Alaina Stevens is a Michigan girl with an insatiable love for written words, discovering new places, and drinking volumes of coffee. Alaina holds a B.A. in ministry from Summit University of Pennsylvania and is working on an M.A. Organizational Leadership. Alaina’s love of reading was initially sparked by Elizabeth Enright’s seamless artistry on the pages of her children’s volumes, and she hasn’t looked back since. Alaina’s go-to genre is Christian Non-Fiction, but in book stores she typically makes a B-line for the Biography section. If you asked Alaina about her favorite author, her answer (at least right now) would be Stanley McChrystal.
Twitter – @alainamarie87

Dahlia Orth

Dahlia is a born and raised Jersey girl. She loves the beach and the outdoors. She currently works in the Missions department at Cuyahoga Valley Church in Cleveland, Ohio. Dahlia holds a B.A. from Baptist Bible College and an M.A. from Summit University of Pennsylvania. Dahlia reads and reviews books on Christian living, practical theology, and missiology.
Twitter – @dahliaorth

Jessica Hawk

Jessica grew up as a pastor’s kid in Indiana. She’s always had a love for devouring books of all kinds. She holds a Bachelor’s degree in Marketing from Indiana Wesleyan University, and was previously employed in the financial industry. She is now a wife and stay-at-home mom to three kids 3 years old and under. She loves to cook, play outside with her kids, drink coffee and read!
Jessica has a passion for encouraging other women and helping equip them with resources to grow, learn and be challenged.
She holds a special place in her heart for memoirs, especially those about food or cooking. Most of the Christian non-fiction books she reads are centered around Christian living, biblical womanhood, parenting and community.

Ashlea Swingle

Ashlea Swingle is a Pennsylvania-native currently residing in Cleveland, Ohio. An extrovert by nature, Ashlea sees reading as an essential reprieve from people. Coffee in one hand and a book in the other, she enters her place of quiet. Originally, her passion for learning came from countless hours spent in the school library digging into old mysteries, perusing political articles, and exploring various biographies.

Ashlea holds a degree from Summit University. She enjoys reading popular Christian living, biographies of redemption, and politics. These subjects highlight several aspects of life which foster organic conversations.
Twitter – Aelaine0515


Kevin Lorow

Kevin grew up in the suburbs of Columbus, Ohio, where you’d often find him climbing a tree with one hand, whilst clutching a newly found book in the other. He enjoys adventuring the great outdoors, road trips, music, and writing. Kevin holds a B.S. from Summit University of Pennsylvania, and is passionate about worship and youth ministry.  His favorite genres include political activism, philosophy, epic fantasies, historical non-fiction and leadership development.
Twitter – @KevKevlor

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