Are Your Plans For Your Kids The Same As God’s?

I was chatting with my 7-year-old son tonight as he was getting ready for bed and he suddenly said,

“Mom didn’t think this was a very good idea, but I want to be a wild-man”

At first I though, “O geeze – what does this mean!?” So I asked him to elaborate.

He went on to explain that he wants to live out in the wild – off the fat of the land. As I probed further into how he plans to accomplish this, he has planned his days to be filled with killing animals and cutting them open with sharp rocks before eating them. He plans to live by a lake and create a nice sidewalk around the lake with rocks.

After we talked about the particulars he said, “what do you think papa – can I be a wild man?”

I paused for a moment, trying to think about how best to answer this little guy with his mind going in a billion directions. I think I answered well.

I said, “Logan, I want you to do whatever God wants you to do. So, if God wants you to be a wild man, then I want you to be a wild man.”  I went on to explain how there are a lot of people who live in the wildest parts of the world that have never heard about Jesus and that he can forgive their sins. So, I reasoned with him, maybe God wants you to be a wild man and tell people about Jesus!

He immediately loved the idea and proposed that, perhaps, he could be a wildian (a cross between a wild man and a Christian).

I thought that was a pretty good idea.

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Here’s the thing. I really meant what I said to my son. I want him to do whatever it is that God wants him to do. I don’t care how much money he makes, where he lives, or what the job might be. I want him to be in the center of God’s will – wherever that may take him – even if he ends up living in the bush of a dangerous country covertly sharing the good news with unreached people. I know that this is the best place for my boy. I know that these things may be hard to swallow as a dad (and even more difficult for your mamas out there) but I know that they are best. God is better at taking care of our kids than we are.

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What about you? Can you honestly say that you are okay with whatever God has planned for your kids or are you more worried about their retirement account and ability to provide for themselves?

Are you seeking God’s best with them and for them, or are you seeking out what you think is best?

Are you praying that the decisions that you kids will make about college, career, and life will be Christ-honoring instead of self-serving?

Are you more concerned about your child’s safety than you are about the Kingdom of God?

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What if God is calling your son or daughter to be a wildian?



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