God Wrote A Book

Over the past 11 years, there has been no ministry that has built into my life as a believer and pastor more than Desiring God – the ministry and preaching of John Piper. I have listened to hundreds of sermons, watched tons of videos, and read a good amount of the books that they have provided – all of this for free. Linda and I have the great joy of supporting DG with our finances, and if you have benefited from their free resources, I highly encourage you to do the same.  I would venture to say that no one (aside from the Holy Spirit) has ignited my love and passion for God’s Word like John Piper. The resources of Desiring God have consistently pointed me to God’s Word for all of the answers to my questions about the Christian life, marriage, parenting, and pastoring.

At the core of the Christian life is the Bible. There is no other book like it in the entire world. In the Bible, the God of the universe has chosen to reveal himself to us. This is astounding! But loving his Word can be a challenge. I remember years ago sitting with pastor Dale and saying, “I want to love God’s Word, but I just don’t.” I was frustrated. His answer to me was two fold:

1. Begin to be obedient by reading the Bible.

2. Ask the holy Spirit to put a love and passion for God’s Word into your heart and mind that you cannot produce on your own.


I started doing that, and have grown in my love for God’s Word over the past several years – though I have a long way to go!

Every time a student comes into my office to ask a question, I always point them to the Bible. It has all of the answers – period.

This video and set of resources, that Desiring God has just released, focus on Bible reading and engagement. My prayer is that this video and the accompanying set of resources will spark fire in your heart for God’s Word and that you will continue to grow in your love of it and submission to it.

Resources from Desiring God

Bible Reading Plans

Learn to Read the Bible 

 FAQ About the Bible

Resources on Reading the Bible


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