Life’s Bumps and Bruises

Last night we went out with some friends for a bike ride. One of the bikes was broken, so the mom’s walked in the park while us dads took the kids on the bike trail. It was an interesting and enjoyable time of trying to teach them how to ride appropriately on the path, moving over for other bikers, and letting runners know that we were, “comin’ up on your left” (Logan’s phrase).

We were almost back to the parking lot, and my son took a serious tumble. He went face first into the asphalt, busted open his chin, chipped his two front teeth, and had road rash on every joint – not to mention the giant scrape on his forehead. We are glad that he was wearing a helmet.

Oh – and there was lots of blood. It looked like he had just taken a bite out of a live animal – blood all over his face, dripping down his chin, all over his clothes, and spattered on his hands and arms. The other 4 kids were screaming hysterically and I was trying to calm my son down while trying to explain to my wife how to get to where we were with the car.

We finally got to the ER and they took very good care of him. Several band-aids, 1 shot of morphine, 5 stitches, and 3 hours later, we were headed home with a little boy wrapped in gauze from head to toe. (He really thought it was cool to be a mummy)

The picture on this post is of Logan headed into the CAT scan machine – just to check that his brain didn’t get beat up too. Thankfully, the scan came back okay.

I was a bit frustrated with myself last night. I wonder if there was something that I could have done to prevent the accident. Linda said, “we should never have gone tonight.”

It’s true – had we not gone bike riding, he wouldn’t have fallen off his bike. But if it wasn’t the bike this time, it would have been something else at another time. We can’t block our kids from pain – it’s not possible. Shoot, we can’t even take care of ourselves half the time.

BTW – If you missed my most recent post about this same topic – written by my wife – you should read it.

But as I sat in the hospital ER last night with Logan trying to calm him down and use this pain as a teachable moment, I reminded Logan that God is always doing a ton of things that we don’t know about. We can trust that he is always paying attention and we are never out of his reach. He is always doing something. In fact, he is doing millions of things all at the same time – working all things for his good purposes.

I was talking with Linda last night about how my mind wanders to what God might be up to. Maybe in the next 100 yards, Logan was going to be hit by a car and he wrecked his bike instead. Perhaps somewhere down the line, God will use this story in a sermon and someone will come to know Jesus as their savior. Maybe Logan will find common ground with someone else with a scare on their chin and have a gospel conversation. Or maybe he is just reminding Linda and I that he is God and we are not – that he can take care of Logan perfectly even when we can’t stop the bike wreck. Maybe he’s building our trust in him and, in turn, building Logan’s trust in him. Maybe he’s doing a billion things all at the same time and our minds can’t even begin to imagine how this grand plan is working together.

And maybe one day we’ll find out what all this was for – how it all fit into the plan – what God was doing.


Maybe we won’t.


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