Parents, School is Not That Important

Okay – so I may have pulled a little bait and switch with the title.

School is important.

In fact – I like school. My wife teaches school. I’m currently going to big kid school. I’m a big fan of education in general.

Going to school, working hard, and doing your best are important. Education helps us hone our gifts so that we can use them to best of our ability.

But here is the thing….


School is not primary. School is not the most important thing. Getting into a good college won’t get you to Heaven. Making fat stacks of cash will not satisfy your soul.

If a mom or dad is too consumed with their work to spend time with God or with their family – that’s not good.

Parents, the same goes for your kids. If you push them so hard in school and activities that they have no time to spend with God or your family, then you are doing them a disservice.

In fact, depending on the situation, you might be sinning.

Every morning I drop my kids off at school and I remind them to do their best. If their best is a C, then a C it is.

Am I going to push them to work hard? Of course – doing your best involves working hard.


If your kids spends so much time doing homework that they don’t have time to read the Bible, or fall asleep trying to pray – something’s gotta give.

If you are taking away youth group or church as a punishment for bad grades, then you might have some priorities out of whack.

How much do you ask about homework and tests vs. how much you ask about quite time or engage in spiritual conversations?

How much do you hound your kids about getting better grades vs.  praying with them?


The devil tempts us with good things. He would love for your son or daughter to get great grades, get into an excellent school, make lots of money and be wildly successful all while forgetting about their faith.

Just food for thought – maybe 2015 needs to come with some priority shift in your house.


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