Prayers for Streetsboro

On the last Thursday of every month, our staff meeting involves an extended time of prayer. This month the focus is on our communities. I’m unique within our staff as I’m the only one from way out in the Boro. So while others are out among the communities, I thought it might be encouraging to just put down my prayers on the blog in hopes that they will reach (via social media) those in our city that I am praying for.


Lord, I am so thankful for the diversity that I get to experience every day in Streetsboro. I’m so thankful that I see people of all different races, ethnicities, and backgrounds. Help us to love one another as you have loved us. Help us to continue to come together to encourage one another, to be good neighbors, and to continue to make Streetsboro the great place that it is to live. Break down our pride and any fears that we might have of meeting new people. Give us the grace to be generous with our time, tools, and skills. You remind us in Mark 12 that next to loving you, loving our neighbors is one of the highest commands on our lives. Help us to love our neighbors.



Lord, you know the school system is so very close to my heart because my wife is a part of the team and because both of my children attend. Thank you for the leadership that you have brought into place.   I pray for our administration God. Help them to lead with courage, to do what is right, and to not be swayed by politics in their position. Help them to keep the needs of the children and families first. God, give Mike strength as he leads our system into this new building project in the middle of all his other responsibilities. Thank you for bringing Aireane back to us!  As the levy renewal comes to the ballot, help our community to see the value in our education system and the importance of a healthy school system to the success of our community.

Thank you for our teaching staff and the hard work that they put into educating our children. Lord, give them pateience when they need it. Help parents and teachers to work together. When difficult regulations and decisions come down from the state level, remind them of why they got into teaching in the first place and bring to memory all of the stories of the lives that they have been a part of changing. Help our teachers to grow in unity so that they would all be working together towards the goal of helping our kids find success in the classroom.

Thank you for the support staff that take our kids too and from school, watch our for their safety, clean, organize, and implement. I love to watch the great care that our bus drivers take each and every day to make sure that every child is safely delivered to school.

Thank you for our school board. Help them to make good decisions that always have the best for our community, children, and staff in mind.


Police and Fire

God I thank you for the men and women that serve to keep Streetsboro safe. I can’t help but think of the group of men from the fire department that responded so quickly to Logan’s emergency – probably saving his life. Thank you for their commitment to professionalism, and timely execution of their jobs. Keep them safe Lord. Guard them with your mighty hand so that they can continue to serve our community faithfully and safely get home to their families. Thank you for the team of police and the way that they care for our children and our communities. Give them courage, wisdom, and strength as they make difficult decisions, face danger, and educate. Lord, I ask your grace and mercy over our city. Keep us safe, guard our homes, and help us give you thanks for your provision in our lives.

Lord, I can’t help but think of the loss that has been suffered in our community over the past years. Husbands have lost wives, families have lost children, and accidents have claimed both property and life. Lord, we know that bad things happen because we live in a broken world. Help us to remember that you are not the one to blame. That in the middle of the pain that sin and brokenness cause, you are a comforting and living God. Sometimes that it hard for us to understand – so help us to see your love. Help us to love one another – especially in times of loss.



Lord I lift up Mayor Broska and his team to you. I’ll be honest – I don’t have any idea what it takes to run a city, so I’m not sure exactly what to pray for. But I know that there are people to organize, plans to execute, difficult decisions to be made, and regulations necessary to keep our town running smoothly. So I ask for wisdom for the leadership of our city. I pray for our city council, Bridget, John, Regis, Julie, Tim, Jeff, Steve, and Caroline. Help them to work together for the good of the city. There is so much happening in our city, God give them peace of mind and clarity of thought as we continue to build and grow.



Lord, I pray for the pastors and churches of Streetsboro. Though some doctrines may divide, I ask that you would help the pastors, priests, an congregations to be unified in their central belief in Jesus Christ as the one in whom anyone can find freedom from sin. Give them a renewed passion for our city. Help us to show your love. Take away any spirit of competition and help them to focus on sharing the good news of Jesus in our city and the surrounding communities. Guard them against false teaching and against a judgmental heart. Lord, help all of us to remember that we are lost without you and we have no place to stand in judgement of one another. We are all equal at the cross, and we ask for your forgiveness for the times when we have made others feel as if they are not good enough. The truth is – none of us are good enough and you have chosen to love us anyway!


God I thank you for putting my family and I in such a great city. Help us to love you and love one another. Amen.

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