Read this book if…..

  • you question if Christianity is the “real deal”
  • you know people who wrestle through tough questions of life and are unsure how to answer them
  • you need an apologetics resource that answers hard questions with sound scriptural support

Publisher’s Summary

To the popular objection Aren’t all religions basically the same? pastor and author Jared Wilson answers with an enthusiastic No! Christianity is not merely one among many similar options. It is categorically different–and it’s these differences that make it so compelling.

In Unparalleled, Wilson holds up the teachings of the Bible to the clear light of day, revealing how Christianity rises above every other religion and philosophy of the world, and how its unmatched truth answers the deepest longings of every human heart. He provides an overview of Christianity’s key claims showing how, from top to bottom, it is distinct from all other competing ideologies, religious and secular. Christians will come away with a fresh sense of the truth of their faith and nonbelievers will be compelled to consider the relevant claims of Christianity in a drastically new light.


Review by @dahliaorth

In my last semester of graduate school I took an apologetics course and became fascinated with different arguments surrounding various religions. So, when I was given Jared Wilson’s Unparalleled, my heart was immediately intrigued by the goal of showing how “Christianity’s Uniqueness Makes It Compelling.” Wilson tee’s up the book by asking a series of tough questions about God that many people wrestle with. Wilson dissects and answers these tough questions proposing that, “The truth claims of Christianity are unlike those of any other religion, philosophy or system in this world”.

Wilson’s scriptural approach grounds this book from the start. Every chapter is saturated in Bible. Wilson centers more around proclaiming the truths of the Bible rather than his own opinion – an example that many of us might do well to follow.  While I appreciate the biblically centered approach that Wilson takes, the repetitiveness of Wilson’s ideas and thoughts hinders the book significantly and makes the book slightly laborious.

Christianity is unparalleled because Jesus Christ is.

Overall, Jared Wilson delivers Scriptural truth in the midst of many daunting questions of this world. He dissects challenging questions and centers it back to Biblical truths. Unbelievers can pick up this book, receive quality answers to the tough questions of life, and be significantly impacted. As Wilson so brilliantly concludes, “In the end, Christianity stands alone, not because it’s a ‘better religion’ but because it speaks a better word. Christianity is unparalleled because Jesus Christ is.” Wilson comes backs to the Gospel often and delivers this message of truth.  I would recommend this book as quick and practical tool for understanding the validity of the truth-claims of Christianity.




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