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* you love biography or missions
* you need to grow in your understanding of the global church
* you need to develop a greater heart for the lost and unreached.

Publisher’s Summary

This book recounts the stories of just some of the hundreds of peasant farmers from Southern Ethiopia who God called to take the Gospel message into previously inaccessible regions, to people so fierce they would not hesitate to kill an outsider. It is a brief record of some of their culture, the security of their families and who, with Bible and water bottle in hand and confidence in their saviour, took the message of Jesus Christ over the mountain ranges and beyond the rivers to those who had never heard of Him. Today, through the sacrifices and sufferings of men like these, there are thousands of churches throughout the mountains of Southern Ethiopia. These stories will shock encourage, challenge and provoke you to follow their example as gospel warriors.


Review by @jvalenti
Apparently this publisher of this little book is no longer in business, so I am thankful that I stumbled across this book. I actually believe that Dale Ralph Davis mentioned it in one of his commentaries.

Warriors of Ethiopia is a biographical history of sorts detailing the spread of the gospel to the unreached tribes in the Omo river valley in Southwestern Ethiopia. The stories are told by missionary Richard (Dick) McLellan who spent over 20 years in the region with his wive Vida.

It is hard to describe the emotional attachment that I gained to the wonderful men and women that I met in these pages. As a missionary that is particularly burdened for the unreached, I was awed and encouraged by the boldness of the Ethiopian believers. Many of them suffered through unimaginable pain and loss in order to take the gospel to their countrymen. Many of them even pay the ultimate cost of their lives as they refused to stop sharing the greatest story ever told.

The miracles that are present throughout the book are miracles that I long for. I long to be a part of a community of people so committed gospel proclamation and so reliant on the Holy Spirit that it is necessary for God to continue to do amazing things in order for our objectives to be realized.

McClellan is an excellent story teller. You will develop a deep connection to the men and women that you will meet. Each chapter is a short biography, and this model lends itself to quick reading. After I finished a chapter I would always think, “I have time for one more.”

I have had the opportunity to use the stories from this book in several sermons recently. The men and women of the Omo river valley exercise such faith that it is hard not to prop them up as an example to an American congregation.

I cannot recommend this book highly enough. In my humble opinion, it is a must read for every Christian. My hope is that this collection of stories will develop more fully a heart for the nations – that you will see more than ever before the necessity to take the good news to those who have not year heard it. There are sheep out there, and they will hear is his voice!

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