What Does Jesus Say About Money?

For the past several weeks I have been preparing for a sermon on generosity and I have been amazed at all of the different ways Jesus talks about money/resources and how they affect our lives. Talking about money in church has always been an issue for a lot of reasons that I’m not going to deal with. But at the beginning of my sermon, I wanted to bring out several texts to show how much Jesus talks about money to show everyone that there is solid, biblical evidence for talking openly about money and the danger of being rich. But, I didn’t have time to dig into this because I needed as much time as possible to address the text that I was actually preaching.

So, thanks to my handy dandy Logos Bible Software, I hunted down a lot of the things that Jesus has to say about money. Here is a decent list from the book of Matthew – at least enough to convince you that Jesus talks about money a lot! I hope that these texts help you grow in your faith in Christ!

Money and Relationships – Matthew 5:23-24

Lawsuits: Matthew 5:25-26

Giving: Matthew 6:2-4

Money and Eternity: Matthew 6:19-24

Anxiety and Money: Matthew 6:25-34

The Value of the Kingdom of Heaven: Matthew 13:44-46.

The Danger of Being Rich: Matthew 19:16-26

Fair Wages: Matthew 20:1-16

Taxes: Matthew 22:15-21

More Dangers of Being Rich: Matthew 23:15-24

Wise Stewardship: Matthew 25:14-30

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